My prefered GNU/Linux Distribution: Fedora Project:, A Red Hat-Sponsored Community Project

A also very good GNU/Linux Distribution is Debian GNU/Linux

Ubuntu, also a fine and actual GNU/Linux Distribution: The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

Download and use LibreOffice the best and also free (open source) office suite:OpenOffice.org -Logo

Get your necessary GNU tools: GNU

Use firefox, the best and(!) OpenSource web browser: Spread Firefox Affiliate Button and get your OpenSource email client Thunderbird Spread Thunderbird Affiliate Button


Read about: the Windows 7 Sins: Windows 7 Sins - or read the german version


Petition für ein von Softwarepatenten Freies Europa: Noepatents-liberty - Logo

Mehr Infos zum Thema Software-Patente: (in deutsch) Noepatents-liberty - Logo

Problematik der Software-Patente: (in deutsch) NoSoftwarePatents.com - Logo

Problematik der Software-Patente: (in deutsch) NoSoftwarePatents.com - Logo

Online Protest gegen Software-Patente: (in deutsch) http://petition.eurolinux.org - Logo

Online Protest against Software-Patents: (in englisch) http://petition.eurolinux.org - Logo Danke, Polen!

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